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Biomass Boilers

We have undertaken various Biomass Boiler pipework rebuilds throughout uk...

Including systems fitted with Heat Exchangers and ORC units


Biomass installtions have been found to suffer from over heating of the system, including valve and gasket failures...

Incorrect tempeture rated valves have caused widespread failures including heat exchanger failure and poor quality heating and difficultly to control.

Weld failures due to poor quality welding and fabrication of pipework.

Incorrect fitting of valves and air bleeds throughout the system.





We offer a wide range of rebuild options on Biomass boilers



: Full strip down and rebuild of gaskets and valves

: Flushing of full system using our mobile pump and pipe system.

: Flusing of Heat Exchangers and rebuild.

: Installation of quality Siemens 3 port and 2 port valves

: Upgrade of Auto air bleed valves

: Supply and refurbish Rhi Heat Meters

: Addition of Dosing pots and system testing for inhibitors and Glycol

: System control including upgrades and remote systems.




We supply quality Siemens valves and controls...

Quality butterfly valves rated for high temp applications

High temp gaskets and air bleeds.


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